Adnams Brewery


Adnams brewery wants to establish itself as the premier craft brewery of east England. With a focus on their commitment to using renewable energy and less wasted water, how can Adnams spread their influence?


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Adnams claims ownership as the 'green-est' brewery on the east coast of England.


Establish a connection with the community of England that connects Adnams with the idea of 'sustainability' and 'eco-consciousness' to put them above their competitors.

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Welcome to Southwold

Established in 1872 in the historic English fishing town of Southwold, Adnams has become a household name on the east coast. Their values of constantly innovating and evolving their craft as well as creating distinctive quality puts Adnams neck and neck with local breweries when it comes to crafting the highest quality beer of the east.  However, what puts this small brewery above the competition is their commitment to sustainable success.

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Go for Green

Adnams is committed to lessening the carbon footprint created by breweries across the world. 

"From selecting suppliers we work with, through to the ingredients we buy for our beers and spirits, we look at all aspects of production to make sure we’re doing the right thing."
- Adnams Southwold

How do we tell the world that Adnams wants to lead the forefront of
eco-friendly brewing? 

The Solution

A Crime Show. With the premise of Adnams providing clean energy during a blackout, detectives must find who is stealing the power by searching for fowl play around Southwold. Think 'Sherlock Holmes.'

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