Men with depression often aren't diagnosed for several reasons: Failure to recognize depression, Downplaying signs and symptoms, and reluctance to discussing symptoms. Many men who can be helped are unsure and afraid to open up about their depression and fail to recognize the red flags. 


According to the CDC, a man between the age os 20-40 is 12 times more likely to die of self-harm than a stroke. Men are disproportionality major victims of suicide because of the lack of resources and the stigma that comes from opening up and finding help.


Harry's, an already well-established brand of men's shaving needs and a major donator to mental health charity, wants to help improve the lives of at least 500,000 men by the year 2021. By creating their own social campaign that provides men direct resources and focuses on helping rid the stigma of vulnerability in men, Harry's will not only reach that goal but will greatly surpass it.