Combine critical thinking with creative solutions to inspire communities towards positive action.

Visual Designer, Nicholas Keating is constantly developing his skills in Graphic Design and Advertising to help inspire and mold a more attractive world. He sees design as a multi-dimensional medium that can not only create more appealing markets but can also sway opinion and call communities to action. Because of his great passion for aesthetics, beautiful design and language, he is constantly looking for new ways to find solutions through creative thinking and extensive research. Combined with creative thinking, Nicholas has grown his skills of sketching, logo design, branding design, UI design, illustration, copywriting and animation throughout his career as a Graphic Designer, Intern, and Student. Projects that Nicholas has worked on in his expanding career including Vehicle Wraps, Stationery Systems for company rebrands/refreshes, Brand Development, Social Media Campaigns, Email Marketing Campaigns, and Advertising Campaigns. He specializes in software such as Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Wordpress, Mail-Chimp, and Social Pilot.



PHONE 908 418 2149